We believe in the click economics, where every click is meaningful and valuable. Conversation rate optimisation fine tunes our goals to point all our consumers towards conversion - the ultimate success metric. ​ Combining behavior-based signals, platform specific creative testing and high-converting post-click experiences across the web our CRO models create a predictable avenue for higher propensity consumers to convert into brand believers making every click meaningful.​ ​

Social media platforms have evolved from being a window into social life to a way of window shopping. With social commerce, our purpose is to capitalize on the buying power of micro moments experienced by buyers on their native platforms. We leverage the drivers of community commerce to make the journey from seeing something appealing on social media to owning that product as simple as possible.​

Building a ubiquitous and consistent customer experience across multiple touch points means seamlessly fusing the binary distinction between ‘online’ and ‘offline’. Our unique purpose is to empower brands with multi touchpoint intelligence, integrated omnichannel strategies and customer experience tech. that revolves around individual customers and their unique behaviour to plan and plot a O2O2O roadmap to brand success. ​

Our specialist approach towards last mile marketing, the Naya Bharat purpose stands strong atop the pillars of diversity, inclusivity and accessibility. This endeavor allows brands to meet the diverse expectations of non-urban consumers, embraces their cultural contexts for deeper relatability and tailors digital experiences for easy access with the aim of bringing brands closer to its people. ​​

Our Web 3.0 ambition aims to orchestrate the migration of mass communities from web2 to web3 by enabling communities to socialise, play and transact in web 3.0. Our distinct purpose is to design exciting, novel and accessible environments enabling brands to progress from one to many interactions to one to one community interactions while exploring uncharted territories of creativity. ​